Technology is seen by many as a panacea to the energy challenges and potential environmental ills that face us. But the development and deployment of appropriate technology is an intellectual and organisational challenge requiring skill, experience and tenacity. It is a challenge on which we thrive at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas.

Our engineers are enquiring, our solutions often technologically innovative. But in all those solutions, appropriateness is a key consideration. In our business counsel, health and safety and specialist engineering activities that fall under the technology group umbrella, we frequently investigate or develop technology-intensive or technology-dependent schemes.

Our due diligence reviews are often commissioned by institutions seeking to commit financially to the development of new technologies. In our own work in dynamics simulation, we ourselves utilise state of the art techniques to provide optimised and rationalised processes and installations to clients.

In the rapidly developing world of subsurface exploration and engineering the need to stay abreast of developments is vital in serving our clients’ best interests. And in safety and environmental consultancy, the use of the latest modelling and simulation techniques allows us to maintain those exceptional standards that our blue-chip clients demand.

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