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Health & Safety

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas works constantly in the safety-intensive environment of onshore and offshore energy production – renewable, fossil fuel and nuclear. Our hazard and risk identification, assessment and management procedures meet the most rigorous standards and are woven through all projects, from inception to commissioning.

As independent consultants we undertake major HAZID and HAZOP studies chair workshops, with subsequent monitoring and resolution of issues raised, develop safety cases, consequence modelling, carry out QRA studies and prepare the safety and record documentation required by the myriad of legislation in numerous areas of the globe.

Our environmental services are similarly structured. Whether building inherently sound principles into the planning of new projects; planning the withdrawal from brownfield sites or improving environmental performance on operational sites, our experienced consultants will develop viable, practical and sustainable strategies providing cost-efficient, project-integrated solutions.

Environmental Policy – We’re rigorous because you need to be

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas’s own environmental performance meets ISO 14001 criteria. We of course apply the same high standards to design and consultancy for our clients.

We keep environmental considerations high on the design agenda and make compliance intrinsic to all our solutions. We do this across all our work with high-profile clients in the extractive, power generation and infrastructure industries.

We’re well aware how crucial it is to meet environmental responsibilities – so our project management procedures demand a continual reappraisal of environmental targets and performance, with risk management and value improvement measures built in.

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