Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence teams provide the guidance for the key questions of "How much", "How long" and "What risks exist".

Augmenting our core engineering design services, we have a burgeoning experience of due diligence studies, working on behalf of prospective purchasers of infrastructure, assets and prospects, and as an independent Technical Authority providing third-party project audit, design verification and project reviews.

Our independent position, separated from drivers as a Contractor enable us to provide impartial advice to lenders, institutions or buyers.

Our experienced consultants use our proven Management systems to undertake independent cost, schedule, and technical analysis of planned projects.

Project Review and Planning

For any project review our activities are driven around the project premise, with reviews driven by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas Project Guidelines, using standard tools and methodologies, it means that all projects are reviewed against the same benchmark.

Engineering Verification

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas has a wealth of experience in facility and process design in the offshore oil and gas industry. Our team members possess extensive relevant technical and management experience within this sector. In particular our staff development systems develop team members experience in managing facilities through the complete project lifecycle.

An Engineering verification team will focus on key aspects that deliver the project objectives. Where existing facilities are in the operation phase we are able to provide guidance on all technical and commercial aspects of field development planning including potential brownfield capital investments.

References for Consulting

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