Renewable Energy Resources

Environmental imperative and political will are fuelling the drive towards renewable and sustainable power generation. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas provides the engineering and business acumen that brings promising technologies and sustainable development to economically successful implementation.

In-house developed software, CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Toolkit) allows evaluation of renewable and sustainable technologies against the physical characteristics of any site. Our extensive offshore experience allows us to overcome the deployment, access, maintenance and power connection challenges of generation even in the severest marine environments. Those skills allied to our cost, procurement and management systems allow early and accurate assessment of the all-important cost of power that determines project viability.

Improved sustainability is also achievable by diminishing greenhouse gas emissions and here our own intellectual property development is relevant. With patented gas liquefaction and carbon capture processes, we can assist in diminishing flare gas emissions, developing methane recovery and limiting carbon emissions whilst providing power generation, CHP or tri-generation systems.

Thus, the intellectual rigour of our approach, enhanced by the academic links we have forged, maintains thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas in the vanguard of renewable and sustainable energy development, delivering the support vital to these nascent energy markets.

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