Conventional Energy Sources

Traditional power generation is actually a fast-changing and rapidly developing field. Closed cycle gas turbines achieve ever greater efficiencies, while the developing carbon capture technologies mean that coal-fired stations remain a viable long-term option. When energy sources such as coal bed methane and gasification are added and environmental enhancements like carbon sequestration are considered, the need for an holistic approach to the energy cycle becomes ever more apparent.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas delivers the full spectrum of engineering and business talents to address that need. Process engineering experience of energy production is allied to the engineering design of generation facilities and the cost, procurement and project management required to realise entire projects. We utilise the latest electrical simulation systems and software, either dynamic or static, utilising Power Station, Power Factory and the IPSA model.

From micro-CHP, through tri-generation and up to national infrastructure rated power plants, we support clients through the power development life cycle. Our remit extends from concept development to negotiations with national power companies over grid infrastructure and connection. All provided with the ultimate aim of the security, operability and protection that gives optimum performance and long-term economic viability.

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