thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas provides operationally-focussed engineering design teams to work closely with refinery owners to implement the best process technologies leading to the highest operational and economic efficiencies.

From feasibility onwards we optimise layouts and shipping access, determine expansion requirements and construction methodologies and identify crucial environmental requirements.

In to detail, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas designs feed process and inter-unit product streams, optimising the integration of utilities, metals recovery and boiler systems. We design for feed and product streams between feed stock, proprietary process units, utilities, tank farms and both land and marine offloading. With proprietary process designers we develop concept and FEED packages, and will manage construction, completion and commissioning.

Jetty and marine teams develop shipping basis, loading and offloading regimes, set marine design criteria, define shipping access and design mooring facilities.

At existing plants GAP analysis identifies plant improvements, allowing process engineering of refinery upgrades. We review processes for new or changed feedstock or to revise product specification for new markets.

Operational support includes process efficiency and reliability services creating effective operations and well-founded operating regimes. De-bottlenecking highlights beneficial re-organisation of refinery process flows and utility support process units. Control and power teams review existing and develop upgrades for automation, safety, process control, power generation and distribution.

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