Cost Estimating and Economic Evaluation

A cornerstone of our integrated service is the recognition that accurate determination of the economic viability of a development is vitally important to our clients. That cornerstone is founded on our ability to produce rapid, sound economic evaluations of the life cycle costs for any development, regardless of location, at the front end stage of a project.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas’s solutions deliver an accurate economic summary of development costs associated with drilling, engineering and construction, commissioning and operations right through to decommissioning. Our system will produce costs tailored for any region in the world and is backed by an extensive, global, benchmarked database.

In addition, to assist with further development planning, our consultants are able to construct rigorous economic models to deliver an accurate investment appraisal of your prospect, or conduct a review of available reserves thereby moderating the risk associated with determining reservoir accumulations.

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