Mid Range LNG

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas excels at innovation and its mid-range LNG process is a case in point. With a patented use of a turbo-expander at its core, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas has developed around it a process that provides a unique, modular liquefaction facility for throughputs of up to 1 million tonnes per annum.

Since it does not rely on cryogenic cooling of the feed gas, the system has a low hydrocarbon inventory and an efficiency close to that of large-scale onshore facilities – thereby exceeding the performance of other smaller-scale processes.

The simple, modular form of the system brings cost efficient exploitation of stranded gas fields within reach, provides a viable solution to the environmental problems of flaring and is a realistic component in the development of coal mines, coal bed methane and coal bed gasification.

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