Gas Storage

Gas storage is principally used to meet seasonal load variations. Gas is injected into storage during periods of low demand and withdrawn from storage during periods of peak demand. It is also used for a variety of secondary purposes, including:

  • Balancing the flow in pipeline systems
  • Maintaining contractual balance (Shippers use stored gas to maintain the volume they deliver to the pipeline system and the volume they withdraw. Without access to such storage facilities, any imbalance situation could result in a penalty)
  • Levelling production over periods of fluctuating demand. (Producers use storage to store any gas that is not immediately marketable, typically over the summer when demand is low and deliver it when in the winter months when the demand is high)
  • Market speculation
  • Insuring against any unforeseen circumstances including severe weather or malfunction of production or distribution systems
  • Meeting regulatory obligations

Gas storage is in use accross Europe with the UK currently increasing its ability to store gas as it realise more heavily on imports. Most countries in Western Europe have between 10 and 30 days of gas supply held in “in-country” storage (UK has about 7) for the reasons above.

Natural gas can be stored underground in either depleted gas reservoirs, aquifers and salt caverns. An underground storage facility needs to be reconditioned before injection, to create a sort of storage vessel underground. Natural gas is injected into the formation usually under pressure.

Our Gas Storage Service assists companies to maximise revenues by flexible delivery to market whilst stabilising production, or maximising arbitrage capacities. This includes strategic and technical definition level of salt cavern storage, and depleted fields and Salt Caverns. Our process, compression and electrical consulting teams ensure that the engineered solutions maximise storage availability and turnaround. Once sanctioned we are comfortable with engineering and owners engineer scopes.

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