EDF ENERGY – UK Underground Gas Storage


Onshore, UK

Type of Service

Owner’s Engineer

Statement of Relevance

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas is acting as Owner’s Engineer for this EDF Energy salt cavern gas storage project in Cheshire. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas is defining the engineering design limits and criteria within which the detail design is developed, monitoring the detail design, co-ordinating technical matters with drilling contractors and managing the overall delivery of the gas storage and treatment facilities.

Description of Services

The scheme covers the addition of further former salt production cavities to existing cavities that were leached specifically for gas storage. A new stand alone gas processing facility is being provided alongside the existing facilities and a second connection is being made to the National Gas Transmission System (NTS). The additional cavities and processing facility will significantly increase the storage and trading capacity at the facility.

The project also includes liaison with planning and environmental authorities, new utility connections and upgrading of and new connections into the existing brine delivery system for salt production.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas is providing a full range of engineering verification, project management and safety, health and environmental management to the project. The engineering responsibility extends to cavern completion and de-brining connections.

This engineering verification and project management role will be ongoing throughout the two-year design and construction period.

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